Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have come to realize...

You are always told that life doesn't go your way and it is NEVER fair. But in this past year, with the recession that we have been in for a little over a year, things have been really hard for many people and I never thought that it would get to me and effect me as much as it still does to this day. I am a dancer. A dancer that is still in training. As a dancer in training, you have to pay to dance. You don't get payed to dance like a professional would. So, obviously, my family is struggling. Dancing at a competitive studio is very expensive. With the cost of tuition, costumes, rhinestones, shoes, competition and convention fees, it turns out to be over thousands of dollars. and did I mention that there isn't just one dancer in the fam? That's right. My baby sister is also a dancer. So double everything that I just told you. Again, a lot of money.
I also realized this week, that not everything can stay the same and the way you want it. I go to a school that has pre-k through 12th grade in it with 654 kids in the whole school and 236 in the high school. Every year, we get our share of new people, but this year, someone new came that I matched with. She is a year younger than me and looks exactly like me. We have red hair and brown eyes. We are the same height and we love/hate the same things. We clicked instantly. It was like we were meant to be friends. We have some of the same classes, we are locker buddies, and we know lots of the same people.
We found out this week that she and her family are moving back to where they moved here from. bummer. This tore my heart out. Even though we have only known each other for about 4 months, she has become my best friend. We are inseparable. As soon as we get out of class, we are together to walk to our lockers. We also spend about 2 hrs a night together after school. So it was a real bummer when I found out about her family leaving.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. This is how I feel rite now. I have everything in the world and now it's getting taken away from me.

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